Cartography is the art of reading maps and the science involved in navigating routes and ways. Every map has a tale to tell and is definitely a lot more than curvy lines leading you from one destination
to the other. When you abstract reality and try to condense it in the form of a map, it is not based on accuracy. In a way the fundamental component in generating a map to depict the environment is a dynamic process, the
process of map abstraction. Through their provision of a viewpoint on the world, maps influence our spatial behaviour and spatial preferences and shape how we view
the environment and our social fabric. Using steel on a fabric canvas is an interplay of Yin-Yang, the soft and hard or spontaneity and structured though. Randomised Pieces of a
puzzle that we call our home. In a viewing of the works here, I-Land: is mans unique imprint on the planet. A virtual island inhabited by ideas of survival and evolution and a reference to Cristos ephemeral island wrapped in plastic. D’Rift: melting ice and tactile planetary shift. Cloudy Bay and Bend in the Ganga: our wish to be immersed of the beauty of the planet we occupy or Rufescent: The worlds obsession with moving to interstellar
spaces and the occupation of the ‘red planet’

– Jaideep Mehrotra 2022