In this series, the paintings are social commentaries, juxtaposed or contrasted with city skylines, offering a piquant look of life in the metropolises. This confluence of people fires our imagination, feeds us with its spoils and simultaneously subjects us to its disconcerting side.

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of our intellect we are aware of that, and yet, we gravitate towards the affluence or intellectual stimulation that it contributes collectively or singularly to us in different ways. The variegated people living in their miniature worlds of concrete structures that become veils in their cerebral context. In the confines of these small spaces, we walk that tightrope to maintain the fine balance between beliefs, status or intellectual harmony.

Although we may not be able to change its face, we positively add to this transmutation and dream of our aspirations and goals, achieving which we correlate to mega cities.

Whether shrinking or burgeoning, these maximum cities are the true test of survival of the future.

– Jaideep Mehrotra 2007